We partner with growing companies to provide capital and operational support.

Lakewood is a multi-stage investment firm with a broad aperture for private equity investments in US-based businesses that operate in the industrial, technology and financial services and business sectors. Our target equity investment size ranges from $5 to $50 million with an ability to complete much larger investments with our co-investment partners.

Although we have a track record of success as investors, our DNA includes an operational focus. As a result, we like investment opportunities where we see an attractive fit for a hands-on, collaborative partnership with management. In working with our portfolio companies, we seek to leverage our extensive network of operating and investment relationships. Our team includes members with decades of operating, commercialization and investment experience gained from diverse backgrounds in industrials, finance, research & development and advanced technology.

Lakewood does not have a traditional fund structure and sources capital to complete investments on a deal-by-deal basis. Our investors consist of a group of UHNWI, family offices and institutions which represent longstanding relationships. Our headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia.