Investment Criteria

Lakewood is a multi-stage investment firm focused on making private equity and venture capital investments in US-based businesses that operate in a broad aperture of industrial, technology and financial services sectors. We place a particular emphasis on the following areas: (i) Private Equity: industrials, financial services and business services with an emphasis on Special Situations opportunities; (ii) Venture Capital: enterprise IT, software, mobile and financial technology. We view Special Situations as family-owned and privately-owned businesses, underperforming companies and companies with troubled capital structures.

Our target equity investment size ranges from $5 to $75 million for private equity and $500,000 to $10 million for venture capital, but we have the flexibility and experience to complete significantly larger transactions with institutional partners. We are comfortable acting as lead investors with Board participation or passive co-investors alongside trusted institutional investors.

Lakewood’s investments are in companies that exhibit the following criteria:

  • A talented, proven and principled management team that is receptive to an active partnership with Lakewood post-closing.
  • Private Equity: Special Situations opportunities are of primary interest, but we also pursue buy-and-build strategies in sectors where we have experience. We have the willingness and capability to co-invest with institutional partners to complete larger investments.
  • Venture Capital: We look for capital-efficient companies with clearly differentiated solutions, a defensible competitive advantage and/or portfolio of intellectual property, and demonstrated traction with customers. Our typical entry point is the Series A or B round of financing.

Motivated entrepreneurs and intermediaries representing companies that meet this criteria are encouraged to contact us directly.